Urgent purchase of real estate

You can get a very tangible amount about selling real estate in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Each property, whether it is a room in a communal apartment or an elite cottage, has a fixed price, but a certain price range "from" and "to". Of course, you want to get exactly the amount that is closer to "before", especially since sooner or later everything is sold. And if you are not satisfied with it "late"? Is it small, what reasons may arise for an urgent sale! Well, if you do not have time to wait, you can do without finding buyers. I can buy your property.

What and how urgently can we buy?

Let's start with the second question – how urgent? And when do you need to? Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? Yes, it is possible. I do buy out properties very quickly. On average, the entire transaction takes from one to three days. You will not be able to sell faster under any circumstances purely physically.

And now to the question of what kind of real estate I can buy from you. I answer briefly: any – residential and commercial, budget and elite. Namely:
•         Private room in a communal apartment;
•         An apartment of any level of comfort, from very budget to elite;
•         House (also of any level);
•         Cottage;
•         Land plot of any purpose;
•         Commercial real estate.

How low will the price be?

Of course, an urgent redemption does not imply the price that can be obtained if you wait a long time for "your" buyer. I offer a minimum market value. Minimal, but not understated. That is, the price will be at the lower limit of the price range for similar real estate.
And most importantly. The proposed price will not change until the end of the transaction and we will not delay the process and find new "circumstances". This is exactly the case when time is money. And we value both our time and yours.

The only exception was a sharp change in market prices, which could not be foreseen. But in such force majeure circumstances, the entire real estate market usually begins to feverish and the conditions of almost all unfinished transactions change.
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