Buying a property

In behold, no more rent payments! You buy a property. What will it be? First own home or commercial real estate? A modest room or an elite apartment in a prestigious house?

In any case, the purchase of real estate in St. Petersburg and Moscow is a very large financial investment. For many, it's literally the deal of a lifetime. And doing it, you, of course, want to protect yourself in all possible ways, so that suddenly you will not be left without money and without property.

And, of course, I want to invest as profitably as possible, that is, to buy such housing (land, warehouse, office - whatever), so that later I do not suffer from the question of whether it was possible to buy for the same money exactly what you dreamed of, what you wanted, and not a "compromise option".

Actually, to get exactly what they need, buyers turn to me. Because we – me and my team – are professionals. Our task is to help you choose the best option in terms of the ratio of the desired and possible and make a safe transaction, bypassing all the pitfalls when buying real estate.

What do we sell?

Based on what you want and what amount you have, we will help you choose the best option, whether it is:
· Room;
· Apartment of any comfort level;
· House or cottage;
· Land plot of any purpose (for construction, for personal or commercial use, etc.);
· Commercial real estate for any purpose.

We work with real estate of any level - from budget to elite, and believe me, from the fact that you are looking for a small studio, and not an elite three-storey cottage, my attitude to you as a buyer does not change.

Why do we need our services?

Firstly you get a guarantee that when making a transaction, all the nuances of the legislation will be taken into account.

Secondly, save time, effort and nerves (agree, it is annoying to finally move into the long-awaited own apartment and immediately lie down for a couple of weeks due to overwork).

And thirdly, here you can buy real estate at a price below the average market value. Why? First of all, thanks to good analysis and regular tracking of the real estate market, which allows me and my employees to be the first to find very interesting options. At the same time, there will be no hidden factors that you have not been warned about in such transactions.
It's definitely safe?
Yes. Otherwise, it's just not profitable for me. And I don't want to lose my reputation. Therefore, each transaction undergoes double control - an experienced realtor and a professional lawyer. The buyer receives a legal opinion on the transaction in writing.
Due diligence
Written legal opinion and collection of documents for legal verification:
  • Advance payment 100% (50 000 rub.)
Do you still have questions?
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My phone: 8 (903) 363-77-48
My e-mail:
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