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Nomatter how many advantages it has for your own real estate, renting real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg remains one of the most popular real estate services. Someone is not ready to purchase an apartment or commercial real estate financially, someone simply does not want to get involved with a large property for various reasons, so renting an apartment or office is quite realistic. But... and here it is not without "but", which means that you will need the help of a professional, that is, mine.

Why do I need a realtor?

How to draw up a lease agreement competently? Where and how to look for a reliable tenant? How much to ask for the rental of a particular property in order to make a profit and not "hang up" due to excessive rent? Like any real estate transactions, renting has its own nuances. My team consists of realtors who specialize only in the delivery of real estate and, accordingly, they know all the specifics of such transactions thoroughly.

How realistic is it to rent an apartment?

Quite realistically. And, as a rule, apartments "leave" quite quickly, of course, if you, as a landlord, set adequate requirements and the rent corresponds to the housing that you rent. The exact terms depend on various reasons, but if they are established , I guarantee that the apartment will be commissioned within the specified period. How do I do this, because tenants do not come by order? Let it remain my trade secret (yes, at least I will remove it myself!), but I will not ask for a revised deadline and I will fulfill the terms of the contract in any case.

I need not to pass, but to withdraw

If you are a potential tenant, we are ready to help you and advise you on renting any types of real estate:
•         Luxury housing;
•         Commercial real estate;
•         Apartments;
•         Rooms;
•         Houses.

You will be able to choose what you need without wasting extra time and in full confidence that the object you are interested in is really rented out and tomorrow you will not be "asked" from there. The consultation is free and will remain free of charge even if you do not want to use our services in the future.
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