Real estate for sale

Real estate is a very serious matter. Where to start? What price should I set? How to avoid unnecessary red tape with documents? How to protect yourself so as not to be left without property and without money? What features exist when selling, for example, a room in a communal apartment or an elite cottage?

There are a lot of questions and all of them require quick and accurate answers, especially if real estate in Moscow or St. Petersburg needs to be sold quickly. What should be done in this case? Answer: contact a professional realtor. I'm a professional. And the team I work with are also professionals, each in their own field. Therefore, we will do everything to help you make a profitable deal and save your nerves, energy and time.

What can we help you sell?

The sale of different categories of real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg really has its own nuances. What kind of real estate can I and my team help you sell? This is:
· Rooms;
· Apartments;
· Houses;
· Land plots for various purposes;
· Commercial real estate (non-residential fund);
· Luxury real estate of any level.

That is, we are able to work with all real estate options, from budget to elite.

How to set the optimal price?

This is perhaps the main issue faced by property owners. After all, you want not to cheapen, and not to ask too much, so that the apartment or house simply does not "hang". We will help with this, and even before the conclusion of the contract. We analyze the real estate market, assess the demand for similar real estate, taking into account the footage, condition, location and other factors affecting the value, based on data on real transactions. Based on this analysis, we will recommend you the best price.

Naturally, the recommended price can fluctuate depending on how urgently you want to sell your property. However, in practice, with this method of evaluation, the terms of sale are on average from one to three months.
Initial consultation and property valuation will be free of charge for you in any case. In general, real estate services will cost you 2-5% of the value of the object of sale, depending on which option for providing services and payment you choose.
Do you still have questions?
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