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Meyer Eduard

Professional realtor with a legal education. Experience in real estate for more than 11 years.
About me
We work only under a contract.
We name the prices and terms as accurately as possible.
Free preliminary work and consultations.
Weekly progress reports.

I believe that everyone should do their own thing, so my team has: personal assistants, a real estate lawyer, a tax consultant, a mortgage manager and a photographer.


Purchase or sale of real estate, advice at any stage of the transaction
Real Estate for jur. persons,
buy/sell or rent an office, warehouse, PSN
Trust management, investments in real estate, auctions
These are honest reviews of people who have used my services.
I want to say a huge thank you to Eduard. Sold 2 apartments in the shortest possible time. The first apartment sold in less than a week, the second in general in 1 day is just super. All transactions went quickly and without trouble, since Edward knows his business and if at some moments something does not understand Eduard explains everything clearly and understandably. Transactions are completely transparent and the head does not hurt, as Eduard will write what and what documents are needed, he himself negotiates with the notary and so on. Just great. Thank you very much Eduard You helped me a lot.
Elizabeth B.
I would like to thank Edward for his help in selling the apartment. We tried to sell the apartment for almost a year, in November Eduard undertook to help us and at the end of December we sold the apartment. I was captivated by his attentiveness, calmness, benevolence, ability to do business. He was never late for a meeting, he was always collected and ready to explain everything that was not clear for the hundredth time. I will definitely advise all my friends who need advice from a realtor to contact Edward.

Maria Sh.

How long have I been going to write a review! As many as 2.5 months! Eduard, thank you very much! Thanks to such a talented man, my mother and I managed to sell an apartment in as much as 29 days (you can look in this group in the "Products" section of the quarter on Stanislavsky Street). And before that there were attempts to sell from one of the large Moscow companies. I will not describe all the "charms" of the previous realtor and this "respected" company. Thank God I stumbled upon this community and Edward. What I want to say: firstly, he works honestly, does his job responsibly; secondly, in any difficult situations related to the sale of an apartment and the acquisition of new housing, he was always there and helped. Recommend!!! Muscovites were just lucky! If you are looking for a normal realtor, you will not go wrong.

Anastasia P.

Eduard, thank you very much for your help in obtaining a real amount for a share in an apartment and for advice on buying a new property. I recommend it to everyone, Eduard is the best realtor in Moscow, honestly :)

Tatiana U.

Cost of work
Choose the tariff that you need. If you want to come only to the deal - please. We will do everything for you. And if you have time, we will help you save on our services. At any cost, the service is always the same high quality and result.
From 1% from trn.
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