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It's like a lot of things that can be solved remotely, without face-to-face meetings. Not all, but many, especially if you're willing to take on some of these issues. But "Realtor Online" is not a tribute to fashion. This is another option for my work with clients, and what is more convenient and profitable for you, choose for yourself.

What's it?

The first thing I want to say to everyone who decides to use this service: no long-playing bots "on the other side of the screen"! Artificial intelligence is not bad, but I am not going to entrust my clients to it. So when it comes to specific issues, intelligence will be completely natural. Now seriously.

An online realtor is the provision of real estate services remotely. The realtor does not personally go to the object for the evaluation of real estate or other similar actions. But all consultations and operations that can be performed remotely are solved thoroughly. I or my employee will not, relatively speaking, lead you by the hand, but you can always use the help of a realtor.

This option is also good in cases where the transaction is made with real estate in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and the parties to the transaction are located in the region or in another city altogether.

Why is it beneficial?

That's really the key question! When receiving the "Realtor Online" service, you, of course, take on part of the running around and paperwork that a realtor could deal with. But if you are ready for this, you can significantly save on my services.

The cost of remote real estate services is cheaper than similar "face-to-face", with the signing of the contract, by 50%. That is, using the service "Realtor Online" you will reduce your expenses by exactly half. Although time and nerves will have to spend more. I guarantee that in any case all the agreed services will be of the proper level of quality, so the choice is yours.
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